Retrieving media information and updating files

Using Easy File Renamer, you can save your time and organize all your music in minutes.The EFR will not only rename Windows Media Player songs, but it will also allow you to edit mp3/id3 tags of your music files.I installed Mad FLAC v1.10 and WMP Tag Plus in order to get WMP12 to play nice with the FLAC format.Everything seems to be working great, but when WMP12 adds a new CD rip to the Library the album art is missing sometimes.

SQL Server provides several "standard" techniques by which to read and write to files but, just occasionally, they aren't quite up to the task at hand - especially when dealing with large strings or relatively unstructured data.Yes It could be that the addons you mention to enable WMP to play flac, is not compatible with reading all arts.Having WMP get its own art, is unstandard (nothing else will use those 2 files).However, most of them are really designed for reading and writing tabular data and aren’t always trouble-free when used with large strings or relatively unstructured data.For reading tabular data from a file, whether character-delimited or binary, there is nothing that replaces the hoary old Bulk Copy Program (BCP), which underlies more esoteric methods such as Bulk Insert.

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In this article, I provide examples of stored procedures that use this interface to allow you to: I’ll provide a few details on the FSO along the way, but let’s start with examples of some of these procedures in action.

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